Pro Putt by Topgolf an oculus quest games | New VR games

Pro Putt by Topgolf is a new VR golf⛳ game for the Oculus Quest. Somehow, it has more in common with the actual world 🗺️.

Pro Putt by Topgolf 

an oculus quest  games

 | New VR games

Pro Putt by Topgolf  a oculus quest games | New VR games

    Virtual reality (VR) is Experience where we feel reality. But it's not reality. It may be similar or different from the real world. The games like table tennis or Shooting with zombies or any other of such kind. Now the new Topgolf VR game, Oculus Quest game is more realistic than the real thing.

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    This VR game is called Pro Putt by Topgolf, an oculus quest game. Inspired by Tiger Woods & Mario Golf. You can play a relaxing round with a friend or give sinking shots or make a heated head-to-head battles with pro players. Pro Putt by Topgolf gives you endless reasons to celebrate!


    You will play with two hands with a single quest controller. It is a simple teleport controller which controls the Golf club & Ball. It feels like the real hitting of the ball. As you swing it larger the more force is on ball. There is a fair bit of Aim assist. It gives you the right balance. It feels like a real golf match rather I am playing a  VR game Topgolf

    Additional Details

    Game Modes                 Single User, Multiplayer       
    Player ModesRoomscale, Standing
    Supported PlatformsQuest
    Supported ControllersOculus Touch
    GenresAdventure, Simulation, Sports
    DeveloperGolf Scope Inc.
    PublisherGolf Scope Inc.
    Release Date May 28, 2020
    Space Required2.90 GB
    *All the data given by Oculus


    vs friends 
    vs Bot
    vs any of your skills.

    *Topgolf Classic, 
    *Top pressure, 
    *Quick9 pro, 
    *Gaint mode

    Realistic Roll

    There are accurate models which feels us like we are in real Golf Course

    Unlockable things
    You can Unlock new golf balls, New areas, etc.


    Leaderboards and Achievements are Available for global.

    *3  coarse available,
    *10,000 sq feet Green ground for practice.
    Graphics*It's realistic.
    *Glowing ball when it is in air,
    *Nice camera record of the floating ball.
    *3-Star for perfect shot.

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      1. You can do it by clicking the links in the table.

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