Top 3 Games with Unusual Endings | Less people have seen The End

Video game🎮 endings can be the highlight of the gamer's experienceRegardless of the console - Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC💻However some games🎮, have such hard levels😥 and are so hard to beat, that hardly anyone has seen🔭 how they end!

games with worst ending

Top 3 Games with Unusual Endings | Less people have seen The End

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Nowadays all are playing daily video games. Some games like Subway surfers, Temple run, Hill Climb Racing, and many more seem to be like infinity endings. Also for some Gamers to complete a simple game it takes up to some months.

But Now in this Blog, you will get the most unsatisfying video game endings, hardest video game endings, worst video game endings.

That can be played by kids, girls, boys, etc. And they are play store games, google games, online and offline games.

    #1 Flappy Bird 

    games with worst ending

    Gameplay:     It is a simple side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro-style graphics. The objective is to give direction to a flying bird🐦, named "Faby". And it moves continuously to the right, between the Mario like pipes, If the bird touches the pipe then the game ends here. Faby briefly flaps upward each time that the player taps the screen; If the screen is not tapped, then bird falls because of Gravity.

    Development:   This game🎮 was developed by a Vietnamese video game, with a programmer  Dong Nguyen. In his game development company dotGears. He developed it in less time. Flappy Bird was originally released on Commonwealth Day i.e May 24, 2013. And was first called 'Flap Flap', there was already a game in this name so it was renamed as "Flappy Bird ". Was removed from both Playstore and Appstore on February 8, 2014.

    Unusual End:   Somehow it made viral. It was so hard that it sounds to be a non-ending game. For Noob person's making of 5 points was difficult. But at the last, a player called PIPOCAVFX ended the game @999. In the end bird flies and flies. Then Mario starts to throw fireballs. If the bird escapes from that also, then Mario jumps on the bird and Kills it. Isn't was a Disappointing End of the game.

    games with worst ending

    #2 T-rex Game[Dino Game]

    games with worst ending

    #2 T-rex Game[Dino Game]   If you are a chrome user, You definitely know this game.  When the internet connection goes off or the website doesn't respond, Then this game starts.

    Gameplay:    Originally, the game only featured a single Challenge game modeside-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro-style graphics. The objective is to direct a dinosaur. It should be Escaped from the Obstacles like cactus plant, crow. If we tap the screen the dino jumps or bend down. In PC space bar is used for it.

    Development:  Dino Run is an American independent video game created by PixelJAM and XGen Studios, released on April 30, 2008. Expanded and updated versions of the game were later released for Macintosh, PC, and Linux and many more under the titles Dino Run SE and Dino Run DX

    Unusual End:  It was so hard that it sounds to be a non-finishing game. Edward jong who is a Google Chrome engineer said that "To end T-Rex game it takes up to 17 Million Years". Unfortunately, no one can see the end.
    games with worst ending

    #3 Duck Hunt  

    games with worst ending

    Duck Hunt:     If you are born between 1990-2010 at least once you had played this game. Or at least have seen this game. Around 18 million copied were sold.

    Gameplay:    Duck Hunt is a shooter game in which the Aim is to shoot moving Ducks on the television screen in mid-flight. The game is played by a player and screen and requires the NES Zapper light gun, by which the player should aim and fire at the screen. It also requires a CRT television screen because the gun will not work with LCD & HDTV's. If the player is not able to shoot any of the ducks, then the dog will laugh😝 and the game is over.

    Development:    Duck Hunt is a 1984 light gun shooting video game developed and published by Nintendo, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console. The game was 1st released in Japan, in April 1984 and was released as a launch game for the NES in North America in October 1985, with it also releasing in Europe two years later.   

    Unusual End:  @99 level an error happens and the game comes to Ist Level. In the Last seen the ducks fly so fast like a glitch. We cant aim bird to kill it. Then Dog laughs and laughs and the game becomes nowhere.

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